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Lodha Palava

Lodha Palava: Transforming the Lives of Its Residents.

Lodha Palava

February 12, 2020 Comments Off on Palava Compact 1 BHK with all amenities. Views: 765 Trending Project

Palava Compact 1 BHK with all amenities.

When the term compact is placed with Palava and 1 BHK, it means you are ought to get something inspiring with every amenity-packed together in a few square meters. Everything here is served on a silver plate with minimal cost of Rs 36 lakhs for Palava compact 1 BHK. Well, that is hard to get around a metro like Mumbai where real estate prices are skyrocketing and common strives to buy a house of his own. 

1 bhk compact

First, let’s talk about things that surround you when you are living a Palava compact 1 BHK. Spread across 900 acres of land, Lodha Palava keeps nature intact in you with 100 acres of land devoted to trees and greenery. Living close to nature in a city is close to impossible but Lodha Palava spoils you with added amenities amidst the rich natural landscapes.  If you are living alone or have a small family of two or three, Palava compact 1 bhk is apt for you. Besides, being intact with amenities that are difficult to find in Mumbai‘s 1 bhks, Lodha Palava is all the more livable place near Mumbai.

All Palava compact 1bhk apartments come with the following intact amenities that are built-in:

Air Conditioned Bedroom 

Air conditioned bedroom in Palava Compact 1 BHK

No matter how small or big your house may be, scorching heat of Mumbai troubles all and Palava city understands the livability of the apartment. Hence, all its rooms come with air-conditioned bedrooms.

Well equipped bathrooms

well eqquiped bathroom

The bathroom in Palava apartments is equipped with high-quality Jaquar CP fittings and imported sanitary ware. 

Attractive Entrance

attractive entrance

Lodha understands the value of beauty and they try to induce some in their apartments. The Palava 1bhk flat has a well-decorated entrance lobby with imported marble flooring just to make you feel special and good about the place you are living in. 

Spacious Halls and utility area

Here, even 1 BHKs are spacious enough to give you enough room for utilities and pooja section. The bedroom is optimally designed to make them spacious enough to make you feel comfortable even in 1BHKs. You won’t be able to resist yourself from boasting about it. 



With the open fancy kitchen, everything is compact with the best modular designs and use of premium vitrified tiles that make your kitchen look fancy and professional. 

Automatic elevators

No matter which floor you choose to live in, with perfectly working automatic elevators, no floor is far away. Besides, it makes you feel royal and classy at the same time. 


Advanced Fibre technology provision for high-speed internet is another major attraction for buying 1 BHK apartment in Palava city. No buffer problems when you are in living in Palava with the latest amenities and facilities. 

World-class multi-tier security

World class multi tier security in Palava Compact 1 BHK

Well, when it comes to living in Palava, it’s not all fancy and quirky, it means real business. Palava strives to keep its residents safe and secure in their houses and even outside their houses within the vicinity of Palava by installing a multi-tier security system. No matter what part of Palava you are in, our security guards and patrols are close enough to keep you safe and away from any trouble-causing miscreants. 

24×7 water and power supply


Talking about metros where water and electricity are luxuries for the poor and middle class, Palava pledged to keep it running 24×7. By signing contracts with the Mumbai electricity board and Municipal Corporation, Palava decides to keep the luxury of water and electricity with them 24×7 with no compromise with long cuts and water scarcity. 

Palava will be an education hub of Mumbai

Lodha World School  in Palava Compact 1 BHK

Palava will soon become the educational hub of Mumbai with the opening of over 20 world-class schools in the city. Schools like Lodha World School and Shri Ram School are already open and advancing swiftly with increasing student enrollments. With world-class academic facilities within the walking distance, residents of Palava are happy customers who are proud of the education they are getting for their kids. 

Enough Sporting facility 

Lodha palava ground

No matter what you spent on the house you are living in, all the outdoor amenities are equal and for all. An Olympic sports center with facilities for sports like swimming, squash, tennis, and badminton is at your disposal all the time. A world-class cricket stadium with a program to be run by Cricket India Academy, the exclusive master right partner in India to run Cricket Education Program (CEP) designed by Cricket Australia (CA) is available at a walking distance from your apartments. What else do you need to live in the city?

Medical Facilities

A multi-specialty hospital affiliated to the university to encourage research and development, and pharmacies and clinics within a 10-minute walk from home ensures that residents of the city get treated when needed. 

Leisure Activities

Lodha Xperia mall

When in Palava, nothing is far, not even recreation. Living in a smart Palava city offers spaces like the Centre for Arts and Culture and river-front plazas, a 5 lacs sq. ft. mall with a multiplex, high-street retail and a 100-acre central park. Nothing makes you move out of Palava as there isn’t anything you won’t find here. Living in a city like Palava is a dream of every city lover, and Palva believes in making dreams come true. 

 Employment Opportunities

Well, if you feel traveling for work from Palva will take too much time, please rest assured that you won’t have to in the near future. The Central Business District (CBD) in Palava will offer millions of square feet of world-class offices at competitive to have excellent business opportunities. Palava’s vision is to create a high number of jobs (4 lacs) and other high-quality jobs across retail, education and more. This will make the vision of ‘walk to work’ for Palava citizens a reality.

Palava city has been designed considering every residential need thereby creating a space where people can achieve the highest living standards without striving for it much. Over 20,000 homes have been delivered in which happy families live together.  Buying a compact 1 BHK apartment here in Palava will offer you and your family exceptional living experience.

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